No chamomile tea or lavender oil included.

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Don’t you hate it when you have an early morning the next day, but you just can’t fall asleep? Think about having that more than 3 nights a week and for 5 years.

That was me.

My insomnia seemingly came out of nowhere, making it hard for me to fall and stay asleep. When I wake up, it’ll feel like I didn’t even sleep at all. Spotting a tremendous headache throughout the day, it made studying or working very difficult.

I would like to believe that insomnia was probably the reason why I have a poor memory and scored poorly…

A scary but necessary decision for my mental and physical health.

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In Chinese culture, there is a label that my peers and I are so afraid of — Strawberry Generation, they are generally for Millennials and Gen Z in western terms, and it refers to a generation who cannot withstand social pressure or hard work.

So when I made the “insane” decision to leave my job during Covid-19 without another job lined up, the amount of social anxiety that welled up due to the stigma of quitting, was immense. …

1 year of self-discovery and voluntary unemployment written to Nightbirde’s It’s OK.

Emotional golden buzzer performance by Nightbirde on AGT

I was going to write an article on 12 things I learned from the last 12 months of voluntary unemployment; give an update about my self-discovery journey and how everything unfolded to the point that I have returned to a full-time job.

The article was meant to provide a one-year mark perspective and offer advice to anyone who may be thinking of leaving their jobs for self-discovery. …

I’m sure you know them, but you just aren’t doing any.

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With Earth Day drawing close, I thought it might be a good time to remind people about climate change and environmentalism. The majority knows that our planet is on the brink and in dire need of major help. But many aren’t doing anything about it, quoting statements such as:

“But it is the job of the government and organisations to create programmes and opportunities for us to go green.”

Until recently, I had the same sentiments. I realised that we can’t only depend on government bodies and commercial businesses to make a change. I’m jaded by all the falses promises…

You can learn anything online. Even becoming a Yoga teacher

Photo by Oksana Taran on Unsplash

Yoga has become widely popular over the years and around the world. With its many benefits for both our mental and physical health, the yoga industry does not show any signs of slowing down. Especially, in this climate with Covid-19, many are taking to apps, ZOOM Classes and free YouTube videos — using yoga to reduce stress, improve mindfulness and overall well-being.

As our world moves online, more and more Yoga Teacher Training courses are too. It is safe to say that online Yoga Teacher Training is here to stay and not just another fad.

Some might rejoice, and others…

I was so excited when each sale came in!

screen capture by author

After spending weeks consuming videos on how to make money online. That’s when YouTube decided to recommend something I’ve never heard of.


I was exploring my interests for a plausible career in digital design when I chanced upon this video. Little did I know, I would enter a Print-On-Demand YouTube black hole the moment I clicked on it.

No one around me knew about this; not even the most well-informed people I know. The more I learned about Print-On-Demand, the more intrigued I was.

What is Print-On-Demand (POD)?

In short, POD is a business model where you work with product suppliers to customise…

Marketing with intention can help solopreneurs and small business owners to save money and time.

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

Would it be embarrassing to say that I’ve never heard of Intentional Marketing even though I live, breath and sleep marketing for the past seven years?

Last week, I found out about Intentional Marketing when Yoga Specialist promoted a free workshop in collaboration with Maritza Diaz — A Marketing Communications Consultant, Health Advocate and Mindfulness Leader.

And this morning, I attended her brief workshop on Intentional Marketing. Needless to say, this new concept has intrigued me.

What is Intentional Marketing?

Intentional marketing is not something that we are unfamiliar…

On the flip side of freedom is not all sunshine and rainbows.

Photo: Anthony Tran/Unsplash

I recently discovered one of my articles appears on the first page of Google Search when I search for longtail keywords like “quit my job during a pandemic.”

Since the start of 2021, my article’s daily search traffic views are spotting an upward trend. The data shows that many people are vacillating between the thought of quitting and the insecurity of not having a stable income. And the trend is only growing. My heart goes out to them because I was right there, just eight months ago.

Even though I am still building my own path, it isn’t a decision…

Enhance your mindfulness practice outside of meditation

Photo by Jamie Brown on Unsplash

The disastrous year of 2020 has led to an increase in downloads of meditation and mindfulness apps. Stressors from daily Covid-19 news, political news, juggling multiple lives, working from home, and long-drawn-out social distancing measures have turned many people to meditation apps to feel centred and calm.

Scientists and politicians have mentioned that the coronavirus is here for the long haul as it continues to spread throughout the world. With many countries going into intermittent lockdowns, millions of people are still in quarantine/pandemic mode.

However, mindfulness and happiness aren’t just about meditation. Although meditation teaches you the skills and theories…

There are two emotions holding you back from the life you want

Photo; Andreea Popa/Unsplash

Recently, I read an article by Krystal Wascher in which she wrote about fear, specifically, fear surrounding trying new things. And I keep coming back to it.

Maybe it’s the innate fear I subconsciously harboured in this time of my life, that’s finally understood.

Now, eight months into quitting my job, I’ve tried many new things to discover what I enjoy so that I can develop a passion for it. But, with every new thing that I try, there is a long-drawn-out period of fear and uncertainty before I dive in.

This journey is so time-consuming because it is a…

Madeline Phang

On a journey of self-discovery and leading a life with purpose. Working on becoming more present as I explore, learn, grow and write about it all.

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